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All Ears was founded in 2008 to make Wireless Loop Technology available in Western North Carolina.

Wireless Magnetic Induction Technology

T-Coil loop systems create a magnetic wave that can be picked-up by the 't-coil' present in many hearing aids. This allows sound from a microphone or other input to be heard directly in the wearer's ear - corrected for their individual frequency loss. Loop systems offer considerable advantage over traditional FM systems that require headsets. They are ideal for churches or other large venues which generate substantial noise and sound reverberation. 

However, loop systems can help in the home as well.

The most reliable way hearing-impaired viewers can understand TV dialog is to receive it through their hearing-aid's T-Coil. It's not about amplification - but clarity which helps the listener distinguish words. Spouses who've endured excessive volume will be pleased to learn the signal can be heard even when the television is set to 'mute'! Experience incredibly clear speech with a wireless loop system in your own home.

There are no batteries to charge, nor head-sets to misplace - no 'collar' or neck-ring around your head as with other television devices.

No Extra Batteries or Receivers Needed

Invite a room full of friends - and every one with a T-Coil equipped aid can hear the dialog - corrected for their particular hearing loss! No extra receivers to buy or replace.

Does your hearing device have a T-Coil? Most do -  surveys reveal a majority of devices currently in service have T-Coil capabilities. Are you using yours?

If you're tired of missing what's said on screen - I invite you take a moment to learn how loop systems work.

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Ask your Audiologist or Hearing Device specialist how to operate your T-Coil.